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InnoSoCal mission:

To engage, share and learn from each other, to elevate a community of professionals committed to drive process improvement and change management within their organizations

Excellence is a process not a destination

Excellences moves beyond trial and error to open and transparent sharing real-life experiences.

LEAN excellence changes the conversation from cost centers to enabling processes.

if you’ve arrived at excellence, let others learn from your journey

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One Process at a Time

You can’t brainstorm you out of a problem – the solution is to look at the problem from a different perspective



Improving processes to deliver what is needed



A3, 5S, Continous improvement, Elimination of waste, Kaizen, Kanban, Process Mapping, Takt time, team development, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management



Build an organizational company culture that enables and supports creative way of working

How to Boost Profits Through Lean Product Development

To successfully introduce lean product development into your organization, you have to continue to work the method, continue to communicate, continue to improve and continue updating the process. The main objective is to not only increase the number of new product introductions but to increase the influence or importance of each NPI to the industry and your customers.

Kick-Start Your Process Mapping – Free Template

This free customizable process mapping template is an awesome communication tool and it’s easy to download, modify and share within your organization.



this is a great opportunity to meet dynamic business professionals

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Excellence is a Process Not a Destination

Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding

Executive Director of Product Development & Marketing

I created InnoSoCal to inspire and help other business professionals to reflect and succeed with their innovation process. I have a passion for sharing my learnings, methods and tools for how to achieving excellence in process improvement – from defining, developing, and implementing scalable processes and systems in order to deliver best-in-class innovation.

I’m a creative and innovative business professional with over 20 years of experiences with innovation, design, technology, marketing, and corporate culture.